Saturday, July 21, 2007

A trip to Neil's job site.

Yes, it is Saturday, but Neil needed to go to the work site for a little while to help Jason, the Field Engineer that he is training under, to level one of the work tables that they mix their concrete test forms on. According to some National Guideline that I can't remember the table must be level when doing these tests.

Anyway, after morning chores all of us packed into Neil's work truck (it has an extended cab) and headed off to Greensboro, NC about an hour and half from home. Once there, Neil went to discuss the project with Jason and Steven (Jason's assistant) while we waited in the bed of the truck. Due to strict company rules we where unable to walk around the site and for good reason as there were so many things that could have harmed us on site. So, the kids and I waited in the truck. It was finally determined that they needed to go to Home Depot for supplies and as it was near lunch we all (Jason and Steven included) went to Red Lobster to eat first.

After lunch and the trip to Home Depot the table leveling project went pretty quickly. Once done, Neil got the chance to drive us around the site describing to me and kids what all the different machines did and the process needed to lay down a concrete roadbed. Then we got to drive on the road, which was kind of fun having a clean, flat, open road that no one else was allowed to drive on. :)

Then we headed home. It was still pretty early when we got home so we tried to get a few things done here at the farm. We expanded the chicken run to almost double it's size and moved the chicken hoop house that the turkeys had been living in around to the back of the barn but still inside the chicken run area. This made that side of the barn look so much better! Then I cleaned out the chicken coop bedding and the nest boxes (which I had never done on the initial cleaning of the coop) and spread the old bedding outside in the run. Clean pine shavings went into the coop and straw into the nest boxes. The birds (chickens, ducks and turkeys) were very happy to have so much clean space. This will need to be our last temporary fix to the chicken coop. The birds are so big now we are going to have to build the seven-foot tall wood framed walls before long.

It was finally time to do chores and head in for the night. Oh, tonight was the first day we went to once a day feedings for the goats as they turned 9 weeks old yesterday. They were not happy about going to bed without any milk first.

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