Thursday, July 05, 2007

The pups strike again!


Went out to feed the animals this evening and discovered new feathers in with the pups! What very little remained I could tell it was one of the feather footed Light Brahma cockerels. I was so mad but of course it was too late to scold the pups. I just tossed down their food and left when I normally would have stayed with them and scratch their heads after they finished eating but I was too upset with them tonight. At least it was a cockerel I was planning on butchering anyway and not a hen! Now I am wondering if I have lost other birds to the pups and don't know it. Have you ever tried to count almost 60 chickens wandering around a yard? If 2-3 were missing I really won't notice.

The geese will be here tomorrow night... meanwhile I find myself researching basket muzzles online! A drastic step I hope I don't have to take.

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