Sunday, July 22, 2007

Farm work day.

Since Neil works hard all week at his job I try not to work him all weekend around the farm too. We try to work one day and relax the other but sometimes that doesn't work out. We have too many partially finished projects done that all center around the barn and the pastures that we worked all day today too.

We put up some cattle panels that had been left here by the pervious owners from the barn stretching along the woven wire fence of the chicken run. At the end of that run we installed a 14 foot gate (that we also found lying on the ground at the back of our pasture) so we could get the tractor in and out of the cow pasture without having to take down the electric every time. Then using the fence post on the non-hinge side of the 14 foot fence we installed a 4 foot walk through gate at a 90 degree angle. From that 4 foot gate we ran 4 foot woven wire to the front of the goat barn and from the other side of the goat barn Neil ran five strands of electric to connect with the electric that runs around the cow pasture. So, with our new perimeter secure we took down the T-posts and woven wire that was temporarly running from the barn to the cow pasture. This gave the animals a lot more room up near the barn and gave us much better and easier access to the pasture and back of the barn (which we never had before). The area that was created by doing this will later be divided into three catch pen areas leading to three different stalls inside the barn. One for the female alpacas, one for the male alpacas and the third for the cows and donkeys. But that will be for another weekend...

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