Friday, July 20, 2007

Turkey clip.

Neil got done early today and since it was still light out he helped me with a project I needed a second person for. Clipping the turkey's wing feathers. The turkeys have been locked up in the mobile poultry house since the LGD puppy incident where we lost two of our turkeys after they flew over the 6 foot fence into the alpaca pasture. Well, the turkeys have been growing fast and are getting far too big to stay cooped up in the little pen. So, I hoped that clipping a wing would keep them grounded enough that it was safe to let them out with the rest of the birds again.

Evan and I rounded up the birds one by one. I sat on a stool with the turkey on my lap and extended the left wing. I held my hand over the last third of the actual wing tip (the fleshy part) to protect it from accidently getting cut. Then Neil cut the first 8-10 flight feathers off of that wing. Then the turkey was free to go. It only took about ten minutes and most of that time was in catching the birds. I was glad to have it done finally and I am sure the turkeys are happier now that they have some more room to strut around.

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