Saturday, July 14, 2007

Alpaca Delivery... and Llama!

Today was the day I have been waiting for for months now! The four alpacas (Gritona, Celia, Sir Sidney and Touch O'Gold) we had out in Califonia were delivered to a Georgia farm yesterday. I then had friend and fellow alpaca farmer Randall Gooding from Emmett Acres in South Carolina go to pick them up. While in that neck of the woods Randall swung into Alabama to pick up Nefi our llama through the South East Llama Rescue organization. Then on the way up to our farm Randall did another favor and stopped in at Abbondanza Alpacas where three other of our alpacas (Fiore, Noodle and Finley) were agisting.

So, about 9am this morning Randall pulled in with seven alpacas and a llama! Needless to say it was like Christmas morning for me! I was so excited so see them all.

When Nefi, the llama, was unloaded I was surprised how large she was compaired to the alpacas. She is a sweetheart though and I look forward to working with he. It would be fun to train her to pack or maybe even to pull a cart!

Here is Nefi the Llama.

Here are Celia (dark brown) her dam Gritona (dark fawn) and Touch O'Gold (beige).

These are the girls from CA.

Here are Fiore (beige), Noodle (light fawn) and her 8 month old boy Finley (white).

They all look the same color due to that SC red clay they like to roll in.

Finaly, here is Sir Sidney, an adult male (medium fawn).

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Christy said...

Wow, they are beautiful! I saw your wishlist on the side. I asked for canning jars on freecycle and got a TON of them. I didn't get a pressure canner, but I'm still trying.