Thursday, December 21, 2006

He's got a name!

We finally decided on a name for our newest little alpaca. It will be Finley. Finley is Scottish for "White Warrior". A perfect name for our little white ball of fluff. Here is a photo of him taken a dusk a few days ago...

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

My seeds are here! My seeds are here!

I was so excited to come home from work today to find the package from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds waiting for me! I have started my planning for my raised beds (that haven't even been built yet) for the new house. When I first opened the box my first thought was "OMG what have I done... I will never plant all these!" It wasn't an hour after sorting through all the seed packets that I was placing another order online with Heirloom Seeds for the few things that Baker Creek didn't carry or didn't have in stock.

Here is the list of seed I got from Baker Creek:
Russian Tarragon
Broad Leaf Sage
French Summer Thyme
Common Chives
Slo-Bolt Cilantro
Siam Queen Thai Basil
Fine Verde Basil

Purple Tomatillo
Golden Greek Pepperoncini
Mini Red Bell Sweet Pepper
Charlseton Belle Sweet Pepper
Thai Little Red Chili
Homestead Tomato
Amish Paste Red Tomato
Riesentraube Red Tomato
White Currant Tomato
Gold Medal Striped Tomato
Yellow Brandywine Tomato
Catskills Brussels Sprouts
Calabrese Green Sprouting Broccoli
Snowball Cauliflower
Brunswick Cabbage
Lettuce Rocky Top Mix
Iceburg Lettuce
Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach
Five Color Silverbeet Swiss Chard
Giant Musselburgh Leek
Texas Early Grano 502 Onion
Red Creole Onion
Connecticut Field Pumpkin
Bush Buttercup
Baby Blue Hubbard
Yellow Scallop Squash
Black Beauty Summer Squash
Early Prolific Straightneck Summer Squash
Charentais Melon (Free Gift)
Bush Sugar Baby Watermelon
Thai Bai Khuen Chai Celery
Kuroda Long 8" Carrot
Green Globe Artichoke
Precoce D'Argenteuil Asparagus
Mayflower Bean
Henderson's Black Valentine Bean
Chinese Green Noodle Long Bean
Lincoln Garden Pea

Mammoth Grey Striped Sunflower
Mexican Sunflower-Torch Sunflower
Clarke's Heavenly Blue Morning Glory
Pink Panther Pansy

Birdhouse Gourd
Small Spoon Gourd