Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The rest of my day went like this...

I have been collecting tomatos out of my garden for a few days now. They have done OK for my first year here... they have given us plenty to eat fresh and the romas are coming in strong now but I think next year should be better now that I know more about gardening here.

Anyway, I had collected about ten pounds of tomatoes, mostly Hybrid Romas and Amish Paste Tomatos but also a few Cherokee Purple and a half dozen or so of Homestead Tomatos as well. I needed to do something with them so I cooked up a tasty batch of mushroom spagetti sauce with them this morning. I didn't have any canning jar seals in the house so I put them in frezer bags instead. Wish I had the seals though as I love to stand back and look at homegrown produce put up in freshly canned jars... it warms my heart! Trust me jar seals will be on my next shopping list!

Once the sause was done the kids and I headed outside to see what mischief we could get into. I don't know why but I was inspired to get the barn painted red by this weekend! I big job but I felt up for it. Neil still has one short side of the barn that he hasn't had time to frame in and install the sideing on yet and mentally that has been holding me up from painting the rest of the barn. But, with Alpaca Farm Day looming ever closer (September 29th and 30th) I felt like I needed to get something going on the barn. So, this afternoon I primed the whole back side of the barn and the chicken coop side. There is a 15 foot section over the rabbit hutches that I was unable to reach which really bumbed me out as it looks so good otherwise. Since the project got started late the priming is all I got done today but I would like to get the whole barn (minus what I can't reach) painted red by Friday. Then this weekend I will see if either Neil will paint the rest or if he can figure out some staging for me so I can finish it up as Neil really doesn't like to paint. Since the front of the barn was already primed grey it doesn't look any different to those driving by but to me it looks great!

Tonight I am tuckered out from my day!

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