Sunday, May 06, 2007

It's a Mystery!

When we came to look at this farm over a year ago both old oak trees in our front yard were fully leafed out. They weren't the healthyist looking trees in the world but they where big and green and gave lots of shade to that area.

When this Spring came we noticed that the tree closest to the pasture wasn't leafing out like all the rest of the trees on the property. By April it was pretty clear that the tree was dead. Not a single leaf ever came out. I thought it was odd that a tree would completly die in one winter. There was no sign to our untrained eyes of why it would have died. But it needed to go. Our new fence for the alpacas needed to go very close to this tree so we needed to cut it down before we started to do the fencing so it didn't fall and flatten the fence in the future.

So, Neil dug out the chain saw and dropped the tree into where the pasture will be soon. After we had it on the ground we learned from our neighbor that lives in the corner of our property the answer to why it died. He witnessed it get struck by lightning 3-4 months ago. He said it struck the top of the tree and came out a hollowed out area near the ground. Well, mystery solved!

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