Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The race is on!

With a slow start anyway... the first bit of prep work that we needed to get done before even thinking about raising the sunken pontoon boat (see yesterday's post!) was to free up our flatbed trailer which currently has a seven foot tall enclosed wooden box on it that is packed full of stuff from Neil's last load of stuff up from South Carolina. It was still packed on the trailer as their is just no place to put it all.

Neil worked all day unpacking the trailer onto the deck, into the house, attic and the shop building. We also moved stuff out of the house and into the attic and shop as well to make room for the stuff coming in. So, once agian we are stacked up the walls with boxes! Sigh! At least this is the last of the stuff to find homes for things.

The house is so full that we can't see the kitchen counters and can hardly walk anywhere! We went out to dinner finally at 9pm as I couldn't face clearing way to cook.

I did take some time this morning to move the chicken chicks out of the 3x6 brooder area and into the 10x12 chicken coup area. Chicks are not the brightest birds and didn't want to leave the safety of their brooder. I had to catch all 50 some of them by hand and move them the 5 feet to the other side of the wall. I got the kids to do the last 5-6 of them. Once moved and settled down from the chase they seemed quite happy to have more space and roosts to sleep on too!

Oh... duck update: Great news! I can't tell the difference between the ducks today so all is well... yeah!

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