Monday, May 14, 2007

Here chicken, chicken!

Woke up early this morning and realized I hadn't brought the phone to bed with me... I was expecting a call from the Post Office letting me know our chicken chicks had arrived. Popped out of bed and checked the messages and and yes the PO had called already! I quickly got dressed and let Neil know that I was headed out to pick them up.

It is so funny to go to the post office to pick up live birds. They were chirping so loud... no wonder the PO staff wanted them gone! :)

Once I got home I had to set them up temporarilly in cardboard boxes on the kitchen counter as I only got the chicken coup 80% cleaned out yesterday. So, into the boxes under a heat lamp with food and water until later today when they will be in the larger brooder pens in the coup. It was nice that these were already built when we moved here. They were dirty but at least we didn't need to build from scratch.

Here they are in one of the two boxes in the kitchen:

And here they are in the chicken coup brooder:

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