Saturday, May 26, 2007

Slow day around the house.

Well, Neil spent most of the day getting to boat tuned up and re-registered here in NC. That ment going to town to get new decal letters and numbers, tearing down the engine and just general cleaning up. His goal was to get us out on the lake today but at almost 5pm I think a family outings is out for today. Neil did take the boat to the lake by himself to give it a test run.

So, I desided to spend the day updating our farm website ( a little. We have been getting a few calls about having available stock. Mostly for chickens and ducks but also had someone inquire about goats. So, I figured I should update the site and create a sales list for our livestock (besides the alpacas). I listed our bull calf and our turkeys for now. Hopefully by Fall I will be able to list some other poultry.

After that I took some time to straighten up the house which had gotten a little out of control from the kids toys while we were fencing. I had no energy at night to clean.

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