Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Duck is still alive!

Great news this morning... the little injured duckling from yesterday is still alive!

He isn't perfect but he is drinking water for me still. He has a bit of a head tilt and I can't get him to walk at all. I am still not sure if anything got broken. He is articulating his neck well now so I think that is fine, his wings apear to be ok but I can't get him to stand up so I am a little worried about a broken leg.

Later in the afternoon the duckling was still looking better so I thought I would return him to his hatch mates to see if he was just depressed. When I first put him in the brooder he didn't want to move; even when the turkey poults walked on him. I sat back and watched for a while and soon he was scooting himself forward to get to the water! Yeah!

By evening chores he was up and walking to eat and drink and rest with his hatch mates. I could still tell which one was the hurt duck because it's back was hunched up and it held it's tail down and seemed to tire easily. But, yesterday I never would have thought he would make it this far so I am very happy!

Oh, Neil had gone to town this evening and when he returned he was very excited. You see, about two miles down the road there is a causeway that crosses over Mayo Lake on the way to town. For several months there has been a pontoon boat that is moored to the shore and is sunk on one side. It never moved and looked abandoned. Well, tonight Neil asked around with the local folks and found out who it belongs to. He returned so happy because the gentleman who owns the boat told Neil that if he was able to raise the boat and move it he would sign the title over to us for FREE! This is a 28 foot pontoon boat! It needs work but Neil loves that sort of thing. So now, Neil's head is spinning trying to figure out how to get it up as I guess several others have been made the same offer so it is a race of sorts!

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