Thursday, May 24, 2007


We have been so busy putting in fencing here at the farm that most nights I just drop onto the couch after dinner and fall asleep with the kids piled on top of me! We have gotten a lot done and all the animals now have large areas of pasture that they can graze finally. I wish I hadn't broken the camera I would love to post some photos of how things are shaping up around here.

The chicks, poults and duckings are all growing great! They have more then tripled in size in almost two weeks. They are starting to get their real feathers in. I love to sit and watch them. The chicken cockerals are starting to use theirs wings and jump up to try to fly. The turkey toms are posturing already which is so funny to watch.

One of the big jobs that we got done today was to finally move the large and heavy poultry house/tractor that the previous owner had sitting out in the pasture. It is so big that he could not fit it on his livestock trailer to move it to his new farm. Here is a photo with the house in it, taken before we bought the farm, so you can see what I am talking about:

Anyway, we got it moved out of the pasture and pulled behind the barn until we can figure out exactly where we want it. It is a good strong building made mostly of oak. My goal is to outfit it to be our goat barn. It is large enough inside for me to comfortably stand so I think I could even milk the goats in there with no problem.

Oh, speaking of goats, the gentleman that we are getting our two Nigerian Dwarf doelings from sent me a photo of one of our doelings that was just born last week. She is chocolate colored with some white. We will have to think of a name for her soon. Once the rest of his does kid out we can pick a second doeling. Then we will go up in a few weeks to pick them up. He also has a few chickens that I will be getting from him at that time too. More to add to our growing flock!

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