Sunday, May 27, 2007

On the lake at last!

Well, Neil worked really hard on the boat motor this morning and by early afternoon it was running great. We packed up some drinks, snacks and put on bathing suits (well... not me, mine is still packed in some unknown location) and headed out to Lake Kerr in Virgina. It is an Army Corp of Enginers lake and is very well maintained. We tolled around the lake for a while running the boat all the way up to Clarksville, VA which is advertised as the only lake side community (aka town on the water) in the whole state of Virgina!

Then we turned around and headed back toward the boat landing. Along the way we found a sandy beachy spot so we stopped and let the kids (and Neil) swim for a while. Evan said he never wanted to leave and that we should collect the logs in the woods to build a house right there! Finally, it was getting late so we headed out and made it back home before dusk, just in time to feed the animals. It was a good afternoon.

To learn more about the recreation available on Kerr Lake visit:

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