Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This and That Today

Nothing major to report today just a few little things going on.

The fence on our goat buck pen has been needing some work for a while now as our buck had no qualms going through the five wire electric fence that made up one side of the square pen to get to the does. Somehow the fix for this problem kept getting moved down the list of priorities around the farm. Well, yesterday morning, Neil finally got a line of woven wire strung up about a foot inside the electric fence. I didn't have time to catch the buck yesterday but this morning I snapped a lead on him while he was munching on his breakfast. After a bit of a tug of war to get him away from the sweet feed/grain and the does he found himself back in the buck pen again. He went went right out to the pen and started nibbling on the tall grasses and weeds there. By 7pm tonight he was still in the pen... I wonder if he will still be there in the morning?

Our Nigerian Dwarf Goat buck, Enchanted Hill Gottaway

My pickling cucumbers finally peeked their heads out of the soil after a warm and rainy day here today. Still no sign of the carrots, lettuce and radishes I planted at the same time. Elsewhere in the garden the tomatoes are doing great! I love the smell of tomato plants as I brush against them while weeding... an old factory trigger for what is to come! The summer squashes, watermelon and peppers are looking good too.

Another duckling hatched out overnight. I had a flurry of them at the end of last week but hadn't had anymore hatch for a few days so I was a bit surprised to see it this morning. Ducklings, like puppies, are something I never want to grow up. They are so perfectly cute at this age.


melanie said...

The chances of him being there are directly related to how busy you are, or how soon you have to be somewhere.(*grin*)

Diana said...

Oh how right you are!

He did stay in a whole 36 hours before I found him out grazing with the girls again. It appears he just climbed the woven wire and then went through the electric! He is back in there again... we'll have to see for how long this time.

Thanks for stopping by!