Saturday, May 09, 2009

Duckling sales

Had a very nice family come to the farm today to see our Muscovy ducklings. They ended up taking 8 of them home.

That leaves us with 8 in the brooder... two of which the kids have requested we keep (the two largest yellow ducklings). We don't really need to add more ducks to the current number of breeders I keep but I think the one McKayla has asked to keep is going to be a drake and I would like to have a non-black drake so if that is the case he can stay here on the farm, and not for the table.

I hope to have plenty more ducklings in the next few weeks as well. I have two ducks on nests in the coop, two chickens on duck eggs in the coop, four ducks on eggs in the barn, one chicken on duck eggs in the barn, and just today I found a hidden duck nest in the goat buck barn as well.

Oh, and yesterday I found the turkey that was nesting in the old pig house out and about with 9 poults scurrying after her. I managed to catch 6 of them and get them in the brooder in the coop. That brings our turkey poult number to 16 in the brooder!

I also noticed that another of the turkey hens has started setting on a nest in the hostas on the front side of the house! I hopefully will have enough turkeys for the holiday orders this year. Last year was a bad year for the turkeys and I did not have enough to satisfy all my customers, which was terrible... I hope all goes well with these as they grow out.

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