Monday, May 11, 2009

Independence Day Update #2

Here is my update for the IDC this week. Not much going on yet...

Plant something - German oregano, sage, thyme, curly parsley and four cherry tomatoes in the boxes on the deck.

Two of the four cherry tomatos in the deck boxes.

Harvest something - Fresh free range eggs from our chickens.

Preserve something - Froze rhubarb for later use.

Reduce Waste - Took our weekly trip to town and stopped at the recycling center. Kitchen scraps went to the chickens.

Preparation and Storage - I cleaned the crab grass out of one of my 4x8 raised beds that went unused last year hope to get it planted next week.

Eat the Food - I don't cook using a meal plan because my family (especially Neil) often decides what they are in the "mood" to eat the day of or, at most, the day before it is to be eaten. What I do instead is to keep a well stocked pantry that allows me to cook pretty much any of our family favorite meals from what we have in stock. This means when I am shopping I am usually replacing or adding to our pantry stores instead of buying for ingredients for that weeks meals (except fresh fruits and veggies but again just replacing what we normally keep in the house). This week for example there was baked chicken with mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and green beans; steak, hand cut french fries and salad; ham, mac & cheese and broccoli; sweet & sour meatballs with rice; and stuffed pizza rolls (made from scratch). All of the things were decided on the afternoon of the same meal and all the ingredients pulled from our pantry shelves or freezer.

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