Saturday, May 02, 2009

Quest for Nano Gold!

The kids and I spent the majority of the day at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham, NC today. We always have fun when we go to this great museum but today the kids got to be involved in a fun program designed by four Duke University students.

The program was called the Quest for Nano Gold. The small group of kids got to be involved with several fun hands on experiments and then they ended the program by making ice cream from liquid nitrogen!

McKayla with one of the Duke students preparing crystals to view under the microscope.

Evan performing litmus tests on liquids to determine if they are acids or bases.

All the kids loved the nitrogen gas spilling out of the ice cream bowl!

The whole group.

After the hour in the museum lab the kids I and hit some of our favorite exhibits: space, the playground, water syphon park, train caboose, Red wolves (a favorite of mine), the marshland boardwalk. We would have done even more outside things but it started to rain on and off and poor baby Taylor was strapped to me in the front carrier and I didn't have a rain hood for it.

One of many bullfrogs seen at the marshland exhibit.

After the museum I took the rare event of being in the big city of Durham to take a trip over to Whole Foods Market. I have been wanting to come for some time but at over an hour away from us it doesn't make for a cost effective grocery trip. I stocked up on some great things I can't find in our small town stores: nori sheets for homemade sushi, fish sauce for Thai dinners, organic grains, and gallon jugs of organic milk (I can only get half gallons in town for about the same price) among many other things. I do wish we where closer to this store so I could come more often.

It was a great day filled with fun but we didn't get home until almost 7pm then had to unload the groceries, feed the kids, nurse the baby... I am ready to sleep!

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