Monday, May 04, 2009

Independence Day Update #1

I decided to join in on the Independence Day Challenge over at Casaubon's Book. This is the second year of the challenge. Last year many of the blogs I read regularly participated in this challenge so I was intrigued to try it myself this time around. I hope to post my weekly updates every Monday so keep an eye out for them.

Plant something – Homestead tomatoes, summer squash, zucchini, sweet basil and watermelon.

Harvest something – Fresh free-range eggs from our chickens.

Preserve something – Froze extra portions of split pea soup made this week.

Reduce waste – Only one trip to town for errands to save on gas. Leftover kitchen scraps went out to feed the poultry or into the compost. Our county has recycling bins for paper, plastic #1 & 2, glass, aluminum and steel. We do our part here and recycle all we can out of our daily trash. I also use cloth diapers so no diapers were added to landfills.

Preparation and Storage – I scored a good deal at the discount table at my local grocery store this week. Four bags of dried beans w/ seasoning meant for the crock-pot. Just add a meat protein for a complete meal. I also picked up two bottles of a green surface cleaner that were also on the discount table. I added some other items to my stores as well, boxed mac & cheese, tuna, chocolate syrup and salsa.

Build Community Food Systems – nope

Eat the Food – Used dry stores to make granola, granola bars and a large pot of split pea soup (using leftover ham from the freezer).

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