Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Goslings are here!

When I was out feeding the poultry and rabbits this morning I noticed our gander was being very aggressive. I had a hunch what might be up, that his lady goose hatched out a gosling or two. The ground nest box that she sets in is in the poultry pen but behind the coop so I don't always walk back there every day to check on things... especially with all the rain we have had this week turning the ground to deep mud.

I braved the mud and was happy to see several yellow balls of fluff in the box with the goose. I happened to bring my camera down this morning so I snapped a few shots. Momma goose was not too happy that I was anywhere near and she kept hissing at me.

I was thrilled to see seven little goslings! Last year (which was her first year laying) she sat on six eggs, hatched only two and she crushed one in the nest. The single gosling that survived was doted on by her very protective parents. The seven in the nest this morning look vigorous and strong so I hope that they all make it.

Now, to find some folks that want some Embden geese.

When headed back up to the house I had babies on the brain I guess because I made a detour over to the tree stump that one of our Muscovy ducks has been setting in for weeks now. I moved the tires I had in front of the hole (to keep our dog out but still allow the duck to come and go) and could see that the duck was setting off to the side of where her nest had been. Four year old McKayla was with me and since she is smaller then me I asked her to reach into the opening in the stump and under the duck to see if any ducklings were there. To McKayla's delight she pulled out a little duckling! After she removed three more I told her to leave any more there with the mom (again I hate to take all the babies away from the moms that work so hard to hatch them for me). The four ducklings were taken back down to the coop to join the others in the brooder pen. That brings our duckling count to 16 in the brooder.

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