Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Turkey Report

I received a wonderful phone call today from one of my 2007 Thanksgiving turkey customers. She apologized for taking so long to call after the holidays but said she wanted to make sure I knew how much they enjoyed the turkey they purchased from us!

They prepared their bird for Thanksgiving by deep frying it in peanut oil, a typical Southern way of cooking turkey. She said several of her dinner guests were skeptical of eating a home grown bird at first but after tasting how moist it was and the wonderful full flavor they raved over it. She said to make sure I reserve a turkey for her for this year's Thanksgiving as well.

We enjoyed the turkey we had here at the farm but it is always nice to get feedback from others.

She also asked if it would be OK to come over in the Spring for another farm visit? ALWAYS! I love showing folks around the farm and talking to them about what we are trying to do here and the importance of heritage breeds.

The hens gave 15 eggs today.


Blessed Wife and Mother said...

Hi there! Im so gald that the turkey thing turned out well for them! Wish I lived closer. I have never had a fresh turkey before! I love trying new things!:)
BTW, I just made my blog invite only (I have a lovely internet stalker) but would love to share with you, is there a way I can get your email so I can invite you? Or maybe if you try to stop by it will prompt you to give it so i can??
I enjoy reading your blog, I wish I could live on a farm!

Diana said...

I would like an invite please. I do stop in to your blog to see whats new now and then. :) I tried to stop over there but it wouldn't let me in or ask for my e-mail. So, here it is:

diana at thanesneckfarm dot com