Monday, January 14, 2008


I was sad to discover one of the rabbit kits dead outside the box this morning. I wish I knew what had happened... did it jump out on its own, get cold and die or did it die in the box and Purslane remove it? I will never know I guess. The rest of the litter is still thriving from what I can tell.

The rest of the morning was taken up with some general around the farm clean up tasks and stacking some fire wood Neil cut for me over the weekend. After lunch we headed to Southern States to pick up some livestock feeds. Only 300lbs of it this trip.

Around 4pm a delivery of hay arrived. 140 bales of Timothy/Orchard Grass for the alpacas. We are splitting this load with fellow alpaca farmer David Rosin of Day Dawn Alpaca Farms (just south of Roxboro). I helped load Dave's 50 bales in his trailer and after Dave left we stacked the remaining 90 bales into our semi-trailer. To get them all in it required stacking the bales six high, which is over my head so I ate a bit of hay doing it.

So, after a full day of stacking wood, lifting feed bags, and stacking hay, tonight my left arm is pretty sore. I don't think I can even knit tonight as I relax with the kids. I will just veg with them on the couch and watch some TV I guess.

The hens gave 13 eggs today. Oh, I had a gentleman stop and buy 2 dozen eggs today. Yeah! I also sent 2 dozen home with David Rosin. That helped thin the eggs out of the fridge a bit.

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