Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Baby Bunnies

First thing I checked on this morning before doing all my chores was the baby bunnies born sometime yesterday afternoon. I moved the layer of rabbit fur from the box and found them still wiggling about. I gently moved a few around to try to get a better count and discovered at least 7 kits in the box. There maybe more as I didn't dig down in the pile. I guess as they get older I will know more.

I am still a little worried about Purslane nursing them enough as this is her first kindling and, at least when I am around, she is not in the box that often. Only once today did I see her get the box and rearrange the nesting material but I didn't see her settle down to nurse.

At evening chores I again peeked into the box, this time using a flashlight, and I still saw the kits moving around so hopefully my fears are unwarranted.

Oh, Emmie, our LGD got sprayed by a skunk last night so the whole barn smells skunky today. A 125 lb livestock gaurd dog is not the kind of dog you can bath so I will just have to wait for the smell to fade away by itself.

The hens gave 14 eggs today.

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