Sunday, January 13, 2008

Alpaca Herd Health Day

It was a cold drizzly wet day out today but still we had things that needed to get done.

Neil worked on the goat barn for quite a while. It would seem to be an easy job siding an existing structure but the goat barn as a building was designed to hold turkeys with only chicken wire for siding. It was in no way framed in such a way that we can just nail on new siding. Support pieces have to be removed or moved, the old oak beams have twisted and bent, and there is the removal of the old chicken wire too. It stretches this job out and has truly become frustration for Neil. We worked on it today only enough to make it "goat tight" again.

We then retreated to the dry warmth of the big barn to do our monthly herd health day with the alpacas.

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