Monday, January 07, 2008

Garage slab

Much to my surprise this morning, our neighbor Danny and one of his crew showed up this morning with their survey equipment and a Bobcat dozer to start work on the concrete garage slab. About an hour after they arrived the dump trucks began delivering the screenings (rock dust) to get the ground up to grade. Well, six truck loads later it was almost 5pm and they still needed more material to get it up to grade! They will be back in the morning to finish up.

The crew was fun to have on the farm today. They were great with the kids and would let them play "king of the mountain" on each truck load before bringing in the dozer to make it level. The drivers of the trucks visited with the animals and I think I have sold two turkey hens to one. He is going to send his wife over soon to look at them. I also found out that this driver was the one that actually moved our semi-trailer box from behind our barn over into the woods for us. That happened last winter and we were not here for it... so I thanked him for that.

The other driver said she was here on the farm about 10 years ago to help haul trash from inside and outside of the house away. She said it was somewhere between 12-16 dump truck loads of trash they took off the property that day! I knew the previous owners (not the ones we purchased it from but the ones before them) were less then desirable folks but no one up to now had told us it was that bad here. I does help explain better all the broken glass and trash we continue to find everywhere on the property. I do feel that the land is breathing a sigh of relief as we continue to clean the mess we find.

The hens gave 15 eggs today.

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