Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sad sad news

I went out this morning only to find that all six remaining rabbit kits had gotten out of the nest box last night and died from cold exposure.

It makes me very sad and I feel as though I failed them.


Blessed Wife and Mother said...

Aww...(((hugs))) thats rough. Its not your fault though, just something that happens sometimes I guess.
I dont know much about farming (I want to farm though..oh how I want to farm) so how often do Rabbits have babies? Maybe the next litter will go better without the cold? Or are predators a problem too??

Diana said...

Thanks for the support!

Rabbits are pregnant about 31-32 days. As induced ovulators they normally breed and become pregnant whenever bucks and does get together for even a short time (hours). My pair had been living together for over four months with no success. I must admit I assumed one of them was infertile and because they seemed to enjoy each others company so much I just left them together in the same hutch.

I was very surprised to find the doe had kindled a litter of 7 kits last week! I was not wanting a mid-winter litter as the rabbits do live outside year round.

I am sad I lost this litter but it wasn't intentionaly planned. For now I am keeping the buck and doe seperate and will put them together again maybe the beginning of March.

Blessed Wife and Mother said...

Aww, well lets see what happens in March! Could you post photos of the kits? I bet they are sweet!
Do you raise rabbits for food?
Im sorry that the first litter didn't make it. Im sure the next one will do well, especially now that the rabbits know what to do when together *wink*