Friday, January 11, 2008

Town errand day.

Today was a day to head into town and get some of our errands done: a trip to the bank, the insurance office, the DMV to get the Suburban titled in NC finally, and the grocery store. We also made a pit stop at McDonald's for lunch so the kids could play on the playground there. I don't mind much as I always carry a puzzle book with me so I can just get absorbed in that while they play. But, today Neil was with us and after a bit he was ready to finish up our errands and get home again.

Not long after we got home we had visitors. Donald, the dump truck driver from Monday, arrived with his wife to purchase three of our turkey hens. That brings our turkey numbers down to one tom and four hens. It was kind of sad to see them go but we really had too many hens. If they all laid just ten eggs next spring I would have had 70 turkeys to sell next season! I think four hens with the potential of 40 turkeys is much more reasonable for our second year marketing them. Also, now there are three less birds to feed over the winter, which helps with the cost of livestock feed.

For dinner I was craving Chinese food so I made beef and broccoli with a hoisin sauce, homemade pork egg rolls along with a dipping sauce. It made a huge amount so we will be eating leftovers for days.

The hens gave 13 eggs today.

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