Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My new sourdough starter is doing well. I only started it about 48 hours ago and it is already beginning to bubble. Below is a photo of it before I fed and mixed it for the day. I hope not to forget about it this time around. Unfortunately, I can't seem to lay hands on my sourdough cookbook at the moment... it's around here somewhere.

I remembered to take my camera to the barn to get a photo of our newest buckling. I think he is very handsome with his black and white markings. I wish I could use him as a future buck but since he is related to our all our does he will have to be sold or at least wethered. Anyone interested in this great boy?

Oh, I made another 2 dozen bagels today. I put a dozen in the freezer for later. I told you it was a bad thing I learned to make these!

Evening Update: Our LGD, Emmie, was out again tonight. When I went down to the barn to lock her up again I discovered the last two roosters sleeping on the milking stanchion. I caught both of them up and put them in the hoop house. Now all of the roosters to be butchered are separated out from the flock. That leaves me with just three roosters: my Dominique, Speckled Sussex and Hill Roamer.

My Speckled Sussex Rooster (aka Speck)

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