Friday, March 27, 2009

More of little brown dog...

Well... little brown dog was here all night again!

I called animal control right away and, after a reporting our history with brown dog, was told an officer could come out this afternoon to pick him up. So, it would be another day of brown dog on the farm.

I normally have the doorway to the barn blocked by a section of goat paneling (to keep out not only stray dogs but our own beloved house dog, Tate, as well. Tate likes to find eggs in the barn and eat them... a practice that is neither good for Tate's waist line or the gathering of eggs for sale.

Little brown dog was quite interested in the barn door so I had a thought. I took the tractor out to the goat barn and retrieved the large wire dog kennel that I often use to house goat kids overnight so I can milk their dams. I reassembled the kennel outside the barn but near the door. I then continued on with my morning chores but left the door unblocked. Sure enough curiosity got the best of him and he came into the barn to check out Emmie and Berk as they eat their breakfast. As soon as I felt he was far enough into the barn I quickly blocked the door again so he couldn't leave. Then from the outside I pushed the kennel up against the doorway, removed the goat panel and opened the kennel door. When little brown dog tried to leave the barn again I swung the door shut and he was caught! He did not like being caught one bit and barked and barked in his cell. I dragged the kennel away from the barn door so finally the alpacas could relax, come into the barn, eat and get dry.

Just as I was getting brown dog settled away from the barn, some folks I was expecting arrived to purchased some of our Muscovy ducks. They were a wonderful family and stayed and visited far longer then they had intended too I think. After much discussion they took home four of our female ducks, three chocolate and one black. Just as they were leaving our two Irish Dexter bulls decided to make themselves a nuisance and broke the wire clips that hold a woven wire fence to its T-posts, slipped under the fence and were head wresting with each other in the alpaca pasture! These fine folk (who also raise cows) helped me round up the rouge boys and return them to the cow pasture where they belong. A big thank you to the Adkins' family!

Later this afternoon, the animal control officer arrived and was so thrilled that brown dog was locked up in the kennel. It made transferring him the dog box on the truck so easy. She asked a few more questions about him and then they were gone! Yeah! No more little brown dog!

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