Thursday, March 26, 2009

Brown dog here to stay?

I awoke at 5am this morning and I could see out the window that the little stray brown dog from yesterday was pacing down at the barn again. Goodness knows how long he had been here before I woke. He stayed here all day... in the rain... pacing the fence and trying to squeeze through the gap in the gate. He would bark at the kids and I any time we were outside. He would also bark at the alpacas when they came close to the barn so they stayed out in the pasture all day in the rain as well.

I went outside at 11:30pm and he was still there... still pacing the fence. I have never seen him laying down at all. He has been pacing or running the fence for almost 36 hours. You would think he would be tired and hungry by now.

Anyway, if he is still here in the morning... which I am sure he will be. I will have no other option then to call animal control. He is stressing out our animals, barking and acting unpredictable around me and the kids and he just needs to be gone. I have never called animal control before in my life but this little guy gives me no other option. I wish his people would just come get him and keep him gone.

As an aside... Emmie was still in the pasture this morning! The first time in weeks! Yeah!

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