Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More chicken sales

I sold another 7 laying hens today. I think I am going to regret selling so many... I may not get enough eggs to fill all my customers needs. Oh well, I have a hard time saying no when someone asks if they can have that many. While we were collecting the hens (more of the cross breeds we raised last year) he noticed all the roosters I had penned up and asked about them too. So, he took all eleven of the roosters that I was planning on butchering out this week!

I know I will be without the birds for the freezer but I have such little time now with the new baby. I was happy to sell these knowing in just a few months I am sure to have more chicks hatch out. Which means more extra roosters. We are now down to just the three roosters on the farm. It is going to be quiet around here for a while.

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