Monday, March 02, 2009

Another baby goat is here.

It was about 9pm tonight when I could hear the livestock guardian dogs aggressively barking down at the barn. Knowing them as I do I figured that something was being born and they were being protective of it.

I hoped it might be our first spring cria (baby alpaca).

McKayla and I went down to the barn and there, just inside the gate, was our Nigerian Dwarf goat, Pepper, with a wet little baby standing beside her. It was a beautifully marked black with white kid. I lifted it up and determined it was a buckling. I got him and Pepper settled into one of the stalls for the night. Then I went ahead and put Emmie our LGD in there with them as it was very cold (about 17F) and I figured it would give the little guy one more warm body to sleep with if needed.

This will be the last of our goat kids for this spring. Two does and a buckling.

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