Sunday, March 18, 2007

All that glitters is NOT gold!

We had a quiet morning here. Neil slept in late. I was awake so got out of bed and chopped up the leftovers of our Corned Beef Dinner from last night and put it in a skillet for corned beef hash for brunch. We topped it off with fried eggs... sure was good!

Once we were all up and about, Neil had to run to town for a few things. The kids and I wanted to break in the new bread machine that came a few days ago as I just unpacked it last night. We had plenty of bread in the house so I wanted to make something different. We settled on soft pretzels. We had a blast watching the machine "do it's thing" and then shaping the dough into snakes and rings. As the pretzels were cooling the kids and I headed outside to work.

One of the main things I have done every day that we have been here is to pick up the broken glass and other bits of trash all over the ground. It's everywhere! But, it is especially bad behind the barn in the wooded pasture where the pigs used to be. Part of this area is where I intend to keep the cows and goats. I have been working hard at getting 99% of it cleaned up so I will feel ok about having the animals on that ground. This area is so littered that it would take months to pick it all up by hand. I have been raking the area and then using the tractor to scoop up the piles. It is a lot of heavy raking since there are rocks in the mess of stuff I am removing as well. But, it seems to be going quicker then I thought it would. I at least want to get the area directly behind the barn clear where the turn out pens will be. I will work out from that area later.

Once Neil got home he worked on moving the semi-truck trailer that the previous owners had against the back of the barn. It makes for good storage but for us it is in a terrible location. The past owners actually built the barn roof over the trailer so for us to move it we need to move it sideways a few feet before we can go forward or backward with it. Neil managed to get the back end of it away from the barn today! Our wonderful neighbor has volunteered to bring over his backhoe in a few days to try to move it into the trees away from the barn for us. Gosh, I hope it works.

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