Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Homestead Happenings...

It is about 8am and there must be 15-20 robins out on the side yard, eating bugs in the grass. I love watching the birds. We seem to have a lot of them around the farm. Hopefully they will help keep our bug population down this summer.

I planted more in seed trays today:
Bush Buttercup Winter Squash - 4
Baby Blue Hubbard Winter Squash - 4
Early Prolific Straightneck Summer Squash - 4
Black Beauty Zucchini - 4
Yellow Scallop Squash - 4
Connecticut Field Pumpkin - 2
Bush Sugar Baby Watermelon - 2
Glaskins Perpetual Rhubarb - 4
Rosemary - ~30 seeds (only 20% germination rate)
Sweet Basil
Small Spoon Gourd - 4
Birdhouse Gourd - 4

Today I finally got things planted in the garden!
Red Onion Sets (variety unknown) - 1/2 pound
Red Creole Onion - ~150 seeds
White Onion Sets (variety unknown) - 1/2 pound
Texas Early Grano 502 Onion - ~150 seeds
Precoce D' Argenteuil Asparagus - 75 seeds

I also got 5 of my tires stuffed with wheat straw in the rims and set on top of newspapers/cardboard. Then I put about 4" of garden mix soil in the tires and planted my seed potatoes in them. Finally, topped them off with about 2" of soil. I got my seed potatoes from Wood Prairie Farm in Bridgewater, ME. I have never grown potatoes before so am excited to see what happens with them. Neil is a little apprehensive about the look of the tires. I told him I would paint them if that would make him feel better about them. I planted these four varieties:
All-Blue - 2
Russian Banana Fingerling - 3
Caribe' - 4 (2 each in 2 tires)
Island Sunshine - 3

Oh, and I almost forgot! Some of my first tomato seedlings are up in the trays! Several varieties of tomatoes already are about an inch tall! I swear they were not up yesterday! Yaw-Who!

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