Friday, March 23, 2007

Can it really be Friday already?

What a day... I am soooo tired tonight!

Our day started with loading the trailer with trash for the dump. This was not just 4-5 bags of household trash. This was the "stuff" that we have been picking up from around the yard, out of the barn, in the woods, etc. We had to stop when the trailer was full. Then off to the dump which is about 35 minutes from our house. They have a neat set-up where they weigh your vehicle on the way in and again on the way out. You pay by the differance in weight.

Once home, I started right away on painting the grey primer on the new barn walls that Neil has been installing. I started on the end of the barn with the excisting chicken coop. The plywood that the previous owner's had used for the exterior walls had very deep grooves in them which ment every one had to be cut-in with a brush before I could use the paint roller for the flat surface. It took FOREVER to get that one section of the barn done! Once past the chicken coop the painting just flew. The roller did a great job on coverage with no cutting in at all... yeah! Both Evan and McKayla helped with the painting along the way. I think McKayla got more paint on her then on the wall but she loved it and she washes!

By the time I finished painting what I could, cleaned up from that and got the kids in the tub in was almost dusk. I had just enough time to run out to the garden to plant garlic and peas. Then I watered all the beds covered them back up to protect the seeds from the birds and headed inside for the night.

We are having leftover spagetti for dinner with homemade garlic bread. Then a movie with the kids and bedtime. I am going to sleep like a log tonight.

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