Friday, March 16, 2007

Seedlings Finally Started!

Well, after a much delayed start yesterday from Anderson, SC, we finally got to the farm in Roxboro, NC just after midnight. Got the sleepy kids from the car and slipped them into their beds. Neil and I were close behind them and I slept like a log until just after 7am when McKayla came in to wake me up. We snuck out so Daddy could still get more sleep and went to make breakfast of bacon, cheese omelets and toast. I am so looking forward to having our own fresh eggs here on the farm.

It rained all night and all of today. Which was probably a good thing since we had errands to run in town and with the rain we couldn't do much at the farm anyway. One of the stops was to the post office to cancel our mail forwarding to SC. We are going to be up here at the farm enough now that we can just get our mail here. It is the little things like getting your mail that makes a place truly feel like home.

While out, we also stocked up on our groceries for the 10 days we will be here. It is nice that we are leaving the power on to keep the fridge running when we are not here now. This allows us to keep the fridge stocked so we don't need to purchase every little thing we need each time we come up. With the cold rain all day today I wanted some "comfort food" so I made a Shepard's Pie for dinner. Yummy!

After dinner I pulled out the box of seeds that I purchased this winter along with the seed starting trays I had gotten. I got my tomatos and peppers all planted tonight. Will have to go through the rest of the seeds to see what else needs to get started this early. Anyway, this is what I got started tonight:

Tomato - White Currant - 4
Tomato - Riesentraube - 4
Tomato - Gold Medal - 4
Tomato - Cherokee Purple - 4
Tomato - Homestead - 8
Tomato - Yellow Brandywine - 4
Tomato - Amish Paste - 12
Tomatillo - Purple - 4
Pepper - Golden Greek Pepperoncini - 4
Pepper - Thai Little Red Chili - 2
Pepper - Jalapeno - 2
Pepper - Charleston Belle - 4
Pepper - Mini Red Bell - 4

I am hoping for no rain tomorrow so we can get started on some of the projects we hoped to get done this trip... mainly closing in the barn and getting it ready for the livestock.

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