Monday, March 19, 2007

Old and New buildings

There was frost on the car when I woke up this morning. It didn't last long and it was a beautiful cool day to be outside working today.

We had several things happen here at the farm today. First a representative from U.S. Buildings was scheduled to stop by to talk with us about putting up a steel building for Neil's garage/work shop. They have a "Display Referral Program" that we wanted to know more about. The program allows you purchase a steel building at a discount if you agree to have other interested people come and look at your building and talk with you about it. In the end we ended up buying a 25x32 foot building. We need to assemble it ourselves... it's like a big erector set! It will be delivered a week from this coming Friday.

Later on we got a delivery of 3/4" crushed rock that Neil wants to use for drainage in front of the barn, his new garage and under the deck. The kids loved having the big dump truck come to the house. They played "king of the mountain" on the rock pile all afternoon.

Around the farm, I continued to rake and remove the trash/rocks/tree debris from behind the barn. It is going faster then I thought it would. Still.... it will be a long project before it is finished. Neil started framing in the front of the barn. I am so excited about this! This is going to change how the whole property looks! Evan wants me to paint the barn red... I tend to agree. :)

For dinner we had spaghetti with meat sauce... nothing fancy but I did make my first loaf of bread in the new bread machine: Italian herb bread. It was very tasty! I can tell the bread machine is going to be getting a work out here.

Finally, Neil got a job offer today! We're very excited about it and after talking it over I am pretty sure Neil is going to except the offer tomorrow. If he takes it he was be starting sometime around June 1st. I wish he didn't need to work off the farm but until we are up and running with the alpacas one of us needs to work fulltime.

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