Friday, August 03, 2007

Our red barn

Well, after a very hot week where I didn't even want to step outside I managed to get a second coat of paint on the front of the barn today. I also got the chicken coop side painted with two coats. I think in looks great and I look forward to getting the back side done too. But that might wait until the other short side of the barn is finished being sided.

So here are the long awaited photos...

The retaining wall in front of the barn was recycled from Neil's job site. Part of Neil's job is to make concrete test beams from the mix they are using on the roadway. After curing for 7-14 days Neil "breaks" the beams to make sure they meet NCDOT standards. The broken beams are usually used as solid fill in a landfill somewhere but I thought they would work great as a retaining wall for my garden beds. I think they came out great and I love the look of them.

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