Monday, August 20, 2007

Sporatic posting

I am sorry that haven't been posting as much as usual lately. I have been doing some eBaying in the evenings of some of the stuff that doesn't fit into our new little house. After taking the photos, uploading them, creating each listing and finally shipping the items I just have no energy left in the wee hours of night to post here on the blog.

Plus, things here on the farm don't change much from day to day. This Fall should perk up though as we have an alpaca cria due in September and another due in December. We also have Riona's (one of our Irish Dexter cows) due in mid to late November with her first calf. I am looking forward to having babies here!

Oh, and I hope to be getting eggs from the chickens this Fall too! I also need to start thinking about when I am going to butcher some of the roosters I got which should happen sometime in September. We don't have an extra deep freezer yet so I will most likely just do a few at a time as we eat them... starting with the biggest to let the others grow out a bit more.

I will try to be better about at least putting up a quick note about what is going on around here!

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