Thursday, August 23, 2007

Wild Pears

The kids and I picked some wild pears off a scragelly old tree out beside the tool shed this morning after chores. I did a quick search online for things to do with wild pears and found that they are hard, grainy and tart.

It was recommended to make chutneys out of them. So, I found recipe for pear chutney in my "Perfect Preserves" cookbook. The recipe called to cook the chutney for 20-25 minutes...

I had to cook it for almost an hour and a half to get the pears to be somewhat soft! It tasted ok in the pot, I canned up 4 half pints of the finished chutney but after canning it looks a little dry. Now, do I dare eat it?

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Sabra Wilhelm said...

Today we found a wild pear tree growing on our land. We just bought it this Summer and are excited about the wild edibles we will find. Your recipe will be one we definitely try