Sunday, June 24, 2007

Weekend at the lake... sort of

We spent most of the weekend at a camp ground on Lake Kerr. Neil's parents had rented an RV in Durham, NC and got the camp site on Lake Kerr for the week. We went over yesterday to visit with them and celebrate the kids birthdays. Evan's 5th birthday was just four weeks ago and McKayla's 3rd birthday is tomorrow. We had waited to celebrate their birthdays until Neil's parents could be here to share it with us.

We had a fun time. The kids went swimming in the lake... a lot! We had our little "party" for the kids which included balloons, cup cakes and a few presents each then Neil's parents took us all out to dinner at the Mexican restuarant in Clarksville, VA.

Today, we headed back over the lake to do some more swimming. Neil, McKayla and Neil's Mom went out in our little boat to see some more of the lake. Come lunch time we all headed back here to our farm. Neil's parents hadn't seen it since we started coming up again this early spring. Lot of changes around here and lots of new animals! We had a big lunch of steak, baked potatos, and corn of the cob.

It was a relaxing weekend but we didn't get anything done on the farm.... oh well!

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