Friday, June 29, 2007

Turkey Trouble!

I am quite sad this evening as I write this post...

Three of our young turkey poults must have flown over the six foot high woven wire fence into the female alpaca pasture. Two are still missing and I can only assume that they were consumed by our 7 month old (75lb) anatolian shepard dogs as I found the third missing turkey being "played" with by the pups. I wasn't even sure he was still alive when I ran the pups off as he just laid there limp. But as I scooped him up he showed signs of life. I took him the brooder in the chicken coop and he was able to walk, all be it, slowly. Most of it's feathers over it's back had been plucked out and his skin looked all raw! Poor thing... but at least it's alive for now.

Going back to the pasture I found more feathers and turkey entrails so I know that the pups killed at least one of the two missing turkeys if not both. I am sad about loosing the turkeys but honestly I am more sad about the pups. I had hopes that the pups would grow to gaurd the poultry here on the farm in the pastures as they do the alpacas. But now that they have played with, killed and eaten the birds it is unlikely I will be able to train them not to continue that behavior. I am not sure right now how I am going to be able to keep the chickens, ducks and turkeys out of the pasture that contains the dogs as I want the birds to free range in the pastures. I will have to clip their wings to prevent them from flying but I will also need to create a buffer zone around the fence line.

I am feeling so many emotions I am not sure how to proceed. I did e-mail the pups breeder to ask for advice... I will see if she has so good thoughts.

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Christy said...

Ugh, I'm sorry! I hope you guys can find a solution.