Saturday, June 09, 2007

Chicken Run.

Neil put up the temporary chicken run off of the chicken coup today. It is only 3 foot 2x4 woven wire so it will only do until they get old enough to start to try to fly over the fence. But for now it seems to be containing them just fine. It took them about an hour before they would brave the outside. Even those few that either fell out the doorway or were pushed by those chicks behind them quickly jumped back inside. By early evening most of the chicks were scratching around outside like they have been doing for weeks. I will be locking them in at night to keep them safe from whatever might be out there.

A few weeks ago I had placed an ad in the North Carolina Ag Review, which is an agricultural only want/for sale listing. The ad was for the two smaller of the four half silos that the previous owner had used to house his pigs. I got a call yesterday from a gentleman that wanted to come and look at them. This afternoon he came and ended up taking one of the silos and a small pig self-feeder that he saw back in the woods. Yeah! Two large items no longer in our woods! Plus, we got paid for them instead of paying someone to dispose of them for us. Got to list a few more items for next months Ag Review soon.

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