Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Got our goats today!

The kids and I drove up to Bent Mountain, Virginia today to pick up our Nigerian Dwarf goats. We got them from Ed Kinser of Enchanted Hill Farm. Ed is a goat judge and has the oldest NDG herd in Virginia and one of the oldest herds on the East Coast. It also happens that we got two of our alpacas from Ed last spring; Peter Piper and Celtic Woman.

When I found out last year that Ed raised Nigerians I got my name on his list for his spring kids. It has been a long wait but I know that we are starting out with some really good stock and as these will be our future milking goats I wanted does with good udders. So, we now have two little doelings, twins, and a tiny little buckling that will be gelded in a few months. He will be a pet and companion for the does.

Our two doelings: Gabriel (Gabby) and Peppermint (Pepper)

The little buck in the lower right is ours, Little Joe
Ed also raises chickens (and a few other things too). He had some young Welsummers that I wanted. Welsummers are a fairly rare breed that lays dark chocolate brown eggs, plus they are gorgous birds. I came home with four Welsummers, two hens and two roos. Ed, also has been developing his own breed of chicken he calls Hill Roamers. These are pretty birds that are white laced with black spots. They have beards, are good foragers and lay blue eggs. I came home with a single hen and a roo. I look forward to having them in the flock. Here you can see two of Eds Hill Roamers (these are not the ones I brought home):

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Danielle said...


(That's me laughing at you because next year, chances are you'll be dealing with the same frustrations I'm in the middle of right now. Although, I'm guessing you have more experience milking than I do if you have alpines. First time milker + first time NG dwarf freshener = lots of frustration and not a few tears!)

I haven't yet posted about my milking adventures—I still need a bit of perspective before I see the humor in it. Let's just say that I'm enjoying a hard-earned goat's milk cappuccino right now. ;)

Congrats on the NGDs—they are cuties aren't they!

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