Saturday, February 09, 2008

Surprise in the Rabbit Hutch... Take II

Well, you can only imagine my surprise, when feeding the rabbits this morning, in finding a tiny dead rabbit kit in Parslane's hutch in front of the nesting box. At first I thought that I just must have missed one of the kits from her kindled litter last month and that she had just pulled it from the back of the nest box finally. But, when I picked it up I instantly knew that this was a brand new kit! I reached into the nest box and pulled out 6 other wiggly kits!

Now I know I said four days ago when I opened the door between Purslane's and Sasaparilla’s (our buck) hutches that I hoped it wouldn't take 3 months for the next litter but I wasn't expecting FOUR DAYS either! I put fresh straw in the nest box, returned the layer of fur and placed the kits back into the nest box. Then scratching my head I came into the house to study the calendar.

Rabbits are pregnant for 31-32 days. Purslane kindled her last litter on January 8th. That puts today at day 32. I had separated Purslane and Sasaparilla in the morning before she had kindled in January and the two have been apart until four days ago. The only thing I can figure is that Sass bred Purslane one final time the morning that she kindled before I separated them. Is that possible? To get pregnant while you are about to give birth?

Anyway, Sass has been shut out of Parslane's hutch again and he is not too happy about it. Thumping his hind feet on the floor of the hutch.... he will get over it!

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Christy said...

Rabbits can actually store sperm so that it is around when they are ready for it. So she could have gotten pregnant right after the other kits were born even if the male wasn't with her.