Friday, February 08, 2008

Finally... the worms are here!

All week I have been waiting for my Red Wiggler worms to arrive. They were supposed to be here last Friday. Everyday I check the mailbox hoping they will be there... but no worms.

Then today, after an afternoon spent in town running erronds, we returned home to find our new worms waiting for us in the mailbox! Yeah! We opened the box and got our worms settled into their new home in the worm bin. I fed them a small amount of kitchen scraps. In the reading I have been doing it recommends not overfeeding at first because the food can rot before the worms get settled in starting eating it. It takes about three months for the first batch of compost to happen. This will be perfect timing for using it in the gardens this summer!

McKayla wanted to hold one. She wants to make pets out of them! I finally convinced her that the worms would be happier in the bin with the lid on so it would be dark.


Woody said...

Who did you order your worms from?

Diana said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by!

I purchased our worms from Worm Man's Worm Farm in NJ after getting a recommendation from someone else. Their web site is We got nice healthy looking worms so I am quite happy with them.

Hope that helps... good luck in your search!

kale for sale said...

I've been waiting for worms since Valentines Day, red wigglers and I'm definately making pets of them! Thanks for the tip on not initally over feeding them. I've been saving food for them for nearly two weeks now. I'll curb my enthusiasm a little.

Good work on the Growing Challenge!