Saturday, February 02, 2008

Newest Acquisitions

So, finally today was the day that Ed Kinser from Enchanted Hill Alpacas was bringing his male Derwydd Peruvian Novio to trade for our little girl TNF Shakespeare's Celia. It has been a waiting game in getting the health certificates needed by both to cross the state line.

We are very excited in having such a high quality male here on the farm. In about two weeks we will let him in with the females and have him cover the 5 open girls. Next year we will see the outcome of this trade pronking around the pastures!

Derwydd Peruvian Novio

Ed is also a long time breeder of Nigerian Dwarf goats and is where our three goats, Peppermint, Gabby and Little Joe, came from last spring. I had been talking with Ed last month about how I was having a difficult time locating a registered breeding buck to lease. It seems all the herds within an hour of me are closed herds and do not allow goats off or on their farms for breeding. I was surprised when Ed called me earlier in the week and offered us a yearling buckling at no charge! He said he was downsizing a bit to make life easier. He had this little guy on the market but remembered that I was having troubles finding a buck and was nice enough to offer him to us. He wanted to know if he should bring him along with Novio? Why yes!

Enchanted Hill Gottaway

This of course means that we will have to build a goat buck barn and pasture in a few months. In the short term he can just spend it with our does and hopefully breed them for early summer kids. But, once the kids are born he will have to go off to the buck barn along with Little Joe, our whether, who will be his pasture mate.

My red wiggler worms did not come today! The hens gave 15 eggs.


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Beautiful! Both Novio and Gottaway! I've been reading some of your older posts and I can't tell (or haven't found yet) just how much property you all are on. It sounds like you have a wonderful life and your move from city to country life has worked out very well!

Diana said...

Hi Farmgirl, glad you finally got a chance to stop by. We are on 14 acres here. About 7 of that is pasture, 5 is wooded and the remaining two are the house, barns, gardens and surrounding areas. I wish we had more. I would love to have additional pasture to grow our own hay for example. For now it is enough room for our critters; which include 13 alpacas, 1 llama, 4 cows, 4 goats, 3 rabbits, 3 dogs, 1 cat, 5 turkeys, 2 geese, 6 ducks and about 30 chickens. Whew! We do love life on the farm. Hope you get a chance to stop in again. I will stop in on your blog to see how your coming along too.

Diana said...

Opps, I can't believe I left out Inara our mini donkey. Sorry girl!