Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Farm happenings

Not too much going on here today. Just the usual farm things.

I moved our American Chinchilla rabbit buck from Chamomile's hutch into Purslane's hutch. He had been in with Cham for 48 hours and she was starting to avoid him so I figured she was either bred or just sick of having him around. He and Purslane seem to enjoy each others company so I will keep them together until I see signs of Purslane possibly kindling again. Hopefully this time it won't take three months.

I had made a salad the other night with an avocado purchased from the store... it was yummy. The pit was so round and smooth that McKayla had kept it to touch and hold. I discovered it again today and was going to throw it away when McKayla said, "Mommy, can't we grow it? It is a seed isn't it?" That got me thinking... I wasn't sure. The thought never occurred to me. So, a quick zip onto the Internet told me that is was possible with a bit of TLC to grow an avocado tree from a store bought pit. Wouldn't that be wonderful to have homegrown avocados! So, we stuck three brads (very small nails) around the top of the seed and placed it into a small glass of water so that the brads held the pit half in and half out of the water. This we placed on the windowsill over the kitchen sink where it will get the most sun. It may take several weeks to sprout says the website I found. Only time will tell...
The hens gave 16 eggs today.

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