Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Visit with Blossom and her new calf.

Evan, McKayla and I traveled the 30 miles to Dr. Parrish's farm this morning to visit with Blossom and her new bull calf. Stephanie had expressed some concern over Blossom being so docile. Before her calf came she was low-cow-on-the-totum-pole in the pasture. She was concerned about coyotees getting the calf as Blossom showed no signs of protecting her calf. So, Blossom was put into a smaller grassy paddock with the bull and another cow to protect her and the calf.

Well, this morning when we got to the farm little McKayla (almost 3 years old) ran ahead of me into the paddock while I was closing the gate. I turn around to find McKayla about 30 feet away from me and Blossom, head down, charging toward her! My heart stood still. Then Blossom stopped about 5 feet in front of McKayla, stomped her foot and ran back to stand over her calf. I breathed again, said "Good cow", and quickly walked up to McKayla who hadn't moved a muscle durring the charge. We moved back to a safer distance to watch Blossom and the calf and take some photos. Blossom still didn't feel he was safe so she moved him behind a tree. So, I quess the question of will she protect her calf was answered!

I hope that once at the farm and we are caring for her daily that she will relax. But, I think the kids won't be going into the pasture with her alone for some time. :)

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