Sunday, April 01, 2007

Do we stay or do we go now....

Today is Sunday. We usually go back to SC on Sunday afternoons. This morning, Neil and I talked about how much we really hated to leave the farm. After a couple of hours of going back and forth over it we finally made the desision to stay one more day. Yeah!

The day itself wasn't the best. We had rain showers on and off most of the day. We took advantage of a break in the rain to go outside to work. Neil helped me get the last two of the garden boxes that we had lumber for put together. I didn't have any soil to go in them but still the layout of the garden is more aparent now that six of the ten boxes are in place.

Once the boxes were done we laid down landscape fabric in the 3 foot rows and covered them with straw to keep the grass/weeds from growing up between the boxes. It looked so good once we were done. I also got the string square foot grid layout on another box. In one of the boxes I planted Elephant Garlic I picked up at the grocery store just to see if it would grow. Now we just need to get the materials for the last 4 boxes.

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